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DOT Physicals Specialist

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Certain jobs available under the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) are designated as “safety-sensitive,” meaning the job can affect the safety of the employee and others. For these positions, employees are required to receive a regular physical to stay compliant and keep working. At Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care in Walnut Creek, California, the care team is fully certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, offering quick and convenient processing of your DOT physical. Call to schedule your physical or feel free to pay a visit to the office.

DOT Physicals Q & A

What is a DOT physical?

Many jobs under the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) are “safety-sensitive.” These jobs have the ability to impact the safety of both the driver and others using the transportation service. Examples include bus drivers, airline pilots, and railroad conductors.

In order to work these jobs, employees need to pass a unique DOT physical performed by a physician certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

What is included in a DOT physical?

The goal of a DOT physical is to ensure potential workers are in good health and are able to perform their jobs without endangering others. To assess that capability, the DOT physical requires testing of the following:


Employees are expected to have at least 20/40 vision in each eye with or without the aid of correction and must pass a peripheral vision test.


An employee’s hearing loss must meet a standard of no less than 40 decibels in their good ear.

Blood pressure

Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care providers must check employee blood pressure and pulse to detect any abnormalities, such as high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmias.


A basic urinalysis helps detect any underlying medical conditions in the employee, such as diabetes.

A physical exam

In addition to the above tests, Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care providers must perform a general physical exam to observe overall health. Examination of the eyes, ears, heart, extremities, lungs, and chest, as well as neurological observations,  are a few of the areas the doctors examine for abnormalities and potential health concerns.

How should I prepare for my DOT physical?

Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care providers recommend coming as prepared as possible for your DOT physical. That means bringing any documentation relevant to your health that your provider might want to see. Examples include a complete list of medications you’re taking and any notes from a previous doctor regarding medical events, such as a heart attack or stent placement.

Aside from documentation, it helps to stay rested and stress-free leading up to the physical. Stress, lack of sleep, and even drinking too much coffee can temporarily alter your blood pressure, leading to a failed test. You should also drink plenty of water so that you can provide a urine sample necessary for testing.

Your providers at Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care, in Walnut Creek, California, are always ready to process your next DOT physical and get you back on the road. Call to schedule your exam or book online.