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Lacerations Specialist

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Lacerations are one of the most common work-related injuries, with 30% of injuries on the job resulting in a laceration. These are especially common in injuries to the hands, feet, fingers, and toes, but accidents can result in a laceration just about anywhere on the body. For lacerations requiring medical attention, the team at Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care in Walnut Creek, California, provide many of the standard and effective treatment options, including stitches, glue, and staples. If you or a loved one suffer a laceration and need quick care, come into Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care right away.

Lacerations Q & A

What is a laceration?

A laceration refers to any injury that results in a jagged cut or tear all the way through the skin. These injuries can be so severe as to result in a cut through layers of fat and muscle, referred to as a deep laceration.

What causes a laceration?

Most lacerations are injuries caused by a sharp object, such as a knife, piece of glass, or the edge of a piece of metal. In addition to workplace injuries, laceration can happen as a result of a slip up while cooking or handling certain objects.

People who engage in sports or jobs that require the use of machinery or other devices with sharp edges are at greater risk for suffering lacerations.

What are the symptoms of a laceration?

Laceration symptoms are self-evident: a jagged cut or tear in your skin which usually bleeds. You might be able to see fat, bone, and/or other tissue in particularly deep lacerations.

How are lacerations treated?

Most common types of lacerations are benign and you can typically treat these at home by cleaning the wound and applying direct pressure to stop the bleeding. More serious lacerations require medical treatment and you should visit Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care if:

  • Your laceration reveals fat, muscle or bone
  • There is dirt or debris in your wound
  • Bleeding continues even after direct pressure
  • Your wound has especially jagged or uneven edges
  • The laceration is more than an eighth of an inch deep
  • It feels like there is something in the wound
  • The laceration is in a high-stress area, such as your hands, feet, or chest

Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care experts first thoroughly clean your laceration to prevent infection after the injury is closed. Stitches are Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care’s preferred choice for closing large, deep lacerations. Recovery takes about two weeks.

Smaller lacerations can be closed with glue or staples, depending on where the injury is. Glue and staples have a recovery period of about 10 days, with staples requiring a return visit for removal.

If you suffer a laceration and you’re unsure if it’s serious, don’t take any risks. The care providers at Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care in Walnut Creek, California, can provide quick diagnosis and a fast, effective repair. To learn more, call the clinic or stop by today.