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Immigration Physical Specialist

Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care

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If you are not a U.S. citizen but are living here and wish to become a citizen or make any other change to your residency status, you must take a federally mandated medical exam, called the I-693 exam. This physical is necessary to clear the medical requirements determined by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). At Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care in Walnut Creek, California, providers are on hand to quickly perform and process I-693 exams so that individuals can push ahead without delay. To learn more, call today or pay a visit to the clinic.

Immigration Q & A

What is the I-693 exam?

The I-693 exam is a medical physical required of persons seeking to change their legal status in the United States. Applicants must submit the results of this physical to CIS to prove that the applicant is not legally inadmissible to the United States on public health grounds. The I-693 is required by anyone changing legal status, regardless of background.

What should I expect during the I-693 exam?

The I-693 exam is similar to a standard medical physical. Your Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care provider will review your medical history and then provide a physical examination, a series of X-rays, and a blood test. Your provider will also need to perform a few specific tests, including a urinalysis, a tuberculosis skin test, and a test for syphilis.

The I-693 form requires that you have several up-to-date vaccinations, so you can expect your provider to administer any vaccinations you haven’t recently received.

What should I bring to the I-693 exam?

You should bring several items of information with you for your exam based on the information your provider needs to complete your physical:

Medical history

You should prepare a list of any vaccinations you’ve had, medications you’re taking, and any chronic medical conditions you suffer from.

Psychiatric or mental illness records

For any instances of treatment you’ve received for psychiatric concerns or mental illness, you’ll need to provide a written document from your doctor indicating the details of your treatment. This includes treatment for alcohol abuse.

Violent behavior

If you have a recorded history of violent behavior, you’ll need to bring any information that can inform your provider of whether this behavior was for medical reasons or for reasons related to substance abuse.


Any past history of syphilis or tuberculosis requires that you bring a certificate from your doctor indicating the details of your treatment.


If you or anyone in your family has a disability, you should bring documents indicating that disability and any special needs required for care.


You should bring any X-rays you’ve received that indicated chest abnormalities.

Finally, you’ll need to bring your I-693 form so that your Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care provider can fill it out.

Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care is happy to process your I-693 exam and get you started on your path to citizenship. Call ahead of time to schedule your appointment or feel free to walk in to start your exam.